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HUMANA SKALA - On a human scale

Humana Skala is a free expression that means “on a human scale,” an expression that reflects our philosophy based on the use of a design-scale human dimension, which eliminates the standard factor focusing on the particular needs of the Customer.

What makes this possible is our team that, collaborating with one another and with the Customer, is able to work, to mold and to customize small and big ideas obtaining quality “one off” results, above any standard product.

Therefore, the human factor becomes a priority. Our collaborators are chosen favoring the professionalism in their field, the ability to get challenged and involved, the determination to achieve goals, the respect and willingness to work with others.

The working environment is functional, stimulating and creative. This allows us to be a community of which we are proud to belong and where we actively participate to improve ourselves and the image of Humana Skala for it to became synonymous with best quality work and design.

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Our services


  • Dynamic websites
  • Content management system
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Online catalogs
  • Mobile APPs Android and iOS
  • SEO activities
  • Animations


  • Video shooting and editing
  • Air shooting with drones
  • Live streaming
  • Photo shoots e editing
  • Topographic measurement
  • DVD/blue-ray production


  • Starting a business in Cape Verde
  • Buying or building a property in Cape Verde
  • Expatriate to Cape Verde
  • Legal consulting
  • Commercial consulting
  • Market analysis and business plan
  • Financial and tax consulting


  • Topography
  • Aerial videos and photos
  • Monitoring
  • 3D reliefs of lands and buildings
  • Multispectral images
  • Training courses


  • Logo design
  • Flyers and Brochures
  • Portfolios
  • Business Cards
  • Prints and Magazines
  • Banners e rollups
  • Clothing and vehicles


  • 2D and 3D design
  • Augmented reality
  • Rendering
  • Animations
  • Proiections
  • Vectors

Humana Skala workflowIn 3 simple steps

Our project workflow is efficient, slim and dynamic; on a "human dimension". This, to facilitate a production capable of adapting to the different demands and able to evolve with the project. Humana Skala provides the best qualified team according to the various requests and targets of the Customer.

Planning and Strategy

We plan the work and the marketing strategies to achieve the result desired by the Customer. The processes elastic and flexible, in order to be able to adjust the strategy work in progress.

Design and Development

We use the most advanced techniques of graphic design, web, video and CAD, for a impact result that can both meet the needs of the Customer both be durable over time.

Test e Presentation

Before delivery, the project is tested on all the possibile platforms and then it is shown to the Customer with a detailed and exhaustive demo, ready for being published and printed.