Humana Skala is a company that deals with tourism development, especially infrastructure, real estate and digital sector, respecting the environment and local communities, reducing project implementation costs and deadlines, for investors and institutions, providing turnkey solutions.

At the base of our philosophy and working methods, there is a strong motivational component to improve the ecosystem and the tourism industry without damaging the territory and culture, rethinking the distribution of expenses and profits for the benefit of the people involved.

We follow all the phases concerning the dialogue with local institutions, the technical and bureaucratic aspects, communication, marketing, the financial side and the management, for the realization of projects and investments in the tourism sector.

Thanks to our network of professionals and specialized companies, we bring together all the necessary skills and resources, maintaining high quality, balancing costs and adapting interventions to the size of the projects.

Tourism development is a relatively slow and discontinuous process, which can be speeded up and strengthened by coordinating consulting, projects, marketing and technology at the same time.


The consultancy clarifies the needs and potential of the market, enabling the client to establish his objectives and quantify a budget for their execution, minimizing unexpected events along the way. Thanks to our network of professionals, we can advise customers on the best solutions at every stage of the investment, quickly and with quality.


The design is supervised by architects, together with a dedicated team. Starting from existing documents and data on the current situation, a cartographic master plan and a written report are created with an analysis of the advantages, risks, problems and potentials of the place, illustrating all the activities and services necessary to enhance tourism.


Marketing is proposed by the entire Humana Skala team, as a single working group, which elaborates the “marketing plan”, in close collaboration with the team that follows the design. The plan, represented by a Timeline and topics divided by theme, presents points divided into activities to be carried out, in order of priority, according to the type of tourism that best suits the place.


Technology is a fundamental contribution to any market. The success of the communication, development and scalability of the project necessarily depend on the technological choices. At the same time, technological evolution is very rapid and without a solid network of professionals, such as ours, there is a risk of investing in solutions that can become obsolete in a short time.

Where we work

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Cape Verde, Italy, Mozambique

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Norway, India, Mexico, Emirates, Venezuela, Spain