italian racing team

Bentyracing – Motorcycle italian team

We did the logo and the website of Bentyracing motorbike team. An emotional project for the top team in the Italian motorcycling. A new layout designed to enhance the action of the images Bentyracing pilots, and a simple and light structure to offer the user the ability to reach the information quickly and intuitively.

Numerous photo galleries, video gallery for automated real-time video posted on the website once available on Youtube. Newsletters allow fans and enthusiasts to follow the exploits of the drivers on the Italian championships circuits.

Sliders with “parallax” effect complement the emotional experience offered to the user.

From 2012 we worked on the graphic, the contents and the style of the team.

  • CLIENT Bentyracing motorbike team
  • YEAR 2013
  • WE DID Logo, website, contents, photos, videos, SEO
  • PARTNERS Andrea Nascetti, Stefano Pellegrini