tourist portal of Boavista island – Tourist website

We did realize the official tourism portal of the Boa Vista island, Cape Verde. Born from a partnership between Humana Skala and the Municipality of Boa Vista, to present the island, the culture, the events and the services.

This joint working between marketing, technology and strategy, allowed to precisely define the development policies of the island, in order to improve the quality of life of citizens and to increase tourist services.

The idea behind the project was to allow the user to know Boa Vista, promoting recreational and commercial activities and orientation in the range of tourist offers.

Through the official website, fully managed by us, we provide services to citizens, tourists and businesses, as well as consulting and support, design, graphics, event organization, logistics, translations.

The portal is in 6 languages, has tens of thousands of hits per month on the rise and allows this fantastic island of Cape Verde to be known and desired.

In 2017 is scheduled a total restyle.

  • CLIENT Camara Municipal da Boa Vista
  • YEAR 2013
  • WE DID Website, contents, translations, photos, videos, marketing
  • PARTNERS Stefano Pellegrini, Andrea Nascetti