Financial plans

We always develop customized documentation, depending on the types of projects that the client wants to carry out, but it is possible to highlight some characteristics common to many financial plans.

During the work, we suggest to the client what kind of information to deepen, to build a document that has solid credibility and clarity. As a rule, these are some parts that cannot be missing in exhaustive documentation:

  • PROMOTER (who is the promoter)
  • BACKGROUND & CONCEPT (reference scenario)
  • LOCATION OVERVIEW (description of the project location)
  • MARKET OVERVIEW (description of the type of market in which the project is inserted)
  • COMPETITIVE ENVIRONMENT (market analysis of similar existing or developing projects)
  • PROJECT EVALUATION (project economic details)
  • FINANCIAL ESTIMATES (calculations of costs, revenues, earnings and return on investment, with possible alternative scenarios)
  • RISKS & DEPENDENCIES (analysis of risks and possible solutions)
  • APPENDIX (specific additional documentation)


Project analysis
Tax consultancy
SWOT analysis
Market analysis
Competitor comparison

Business Plan

Project presentation
Business model
Costs and revenues calculation
Description of products/services
Sustainability of the project

Financial Plan

Corporate structure
Financing schemes
Loan calculation
Alternative scenarios
Return on investment