In our opinion, the best advice must be multidisciplinary and integrated. A single professional can rarely have multidisciplinary skills to keep all the variables of a project under control and give the client the necessary guarantees. For this reason, the Humana Skala platform gathers more professionals even in the same field to obtain the most accurate scenarios and related solutions.

We guarantee an accurate analysis and multiple solutions in order to choose together with the customer the best solution for the development of his business, with rapid times and competitive costs.

We constantly analyze the reference markets on all their sides with both resident and international consultants. Not only do we have in-depth knowledge about the current legislature and bureaucracy in the country, but we have a constant dialogue with local public institutions to suggest and negotiate the best conditions for our clients.

Finally, we create the business plan and look for suitable credit lines for the development of the project.

Our 4-step workflow

Research and analysis

Dialogue with customers is essential from the outset, to establish objectives and budgets according to the potential of the reference market, all with the utmost transparency possible.

Goals and strategy

We plan the project and marketing strategies aimed at obtaining the desired results from the client. We make processes elastic and flexible so that we can adapt to the strategy in progress.

Team and development

We involve professionals with the skills closest to the needs of the project, to provide reliable information, updated and presented in a form.

Double check

Before delivery, the data of our documents are checked several times, so that they are complete already at a first review. The work is then shown to the client, with whom the final version is drawn up.