Projects presentation

If a client controls all the technical and financial parts of their project, sometimes they need to focus on communication. Humana Skala offers project presentation services adaptable to different situations.

The customer, at a certain stage of development, may need to present his project to his customers, public bodies, partners or possible collaborators. Our services include an in-depth analysis of the project to be presented, to compose the best communication strategy needed according to the public type.

For interlocutors belonging to public bodies (administrators, officials, technicians), the creation of a dossier aimed at obtaining permits, certificates, opinions, funding, from time to time adaptable to current legislation and cultural sensitivity is usually indicated of the interlocutors. We have gained important experience in creating this type of documentation.

If the project is to be published on the internet and/or promoted through social media, the public is heterogeneous and probably includes customers interested in purchasing products or services offered. In this case, we are specialized in the creation of websites, e-commerce, social media management, promotional videos and high-quality brochures to present the project clearly and attractively.

On the other hand, when the project is to be presented to shareholders, possible commercial partners, banks, investment funds, venture capitals, the documentation to be prepared is often partial, due to the confidentiality of the information and the risk of disclosing unnecessary data. Our consultancy, based on a continuous review by the client, consists in proposing a strategy that considers these factors and in preparing written and multimedia content that show the project, clearly indicating the points to discuss with the interlocutor.

Our specific services:

  • Territorial analysis/surveys
  • Architectural design
  • Render and video-render
  • Project presentation brochure/website
  • Due diligence
  • Dialogue with institutions
  • Business Plan and Financial Plan
  • Search for funds and business partners