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Humana Skala creates professional photos and videos services. The most modern technology is not enough to satisfy all the requests of the people looking for quality multimedia products, because you need to know how and when to use it.

Giving advice on the subject and working with professional equipment requires a lot of experience and evaluation skills. Knowing the variety of the supports, the technical and commercial aspects, the communication techniques, the average life and the costs of the materials, the maintenance, are aspects that can make the difference between a regular job and a high level job. In order to take quality photos and videos, it requires a lot of experience regarding customer expectations, taking into account the result you want to achieve.

Humana Skala can create multimedia products and various digital services, with last technological supports, photos and videos that will last over time.

Our multimedia services


Editing and filming video on-board, underwater, night, aerial with drones.


Photographic services in the studio or outdoors for events, fashion, motorsport, real estate, products.


Contents for brochure, projections, render, animations, augmented reality, mapping.


Design, creation and management of applications for iOS and Android.


Development of platforms and database, digital catalogues, management systems.


Design and development of 2D and 3D animations for websites, promotional videos and presentations.