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Humana Skala creates and manages websites and portals, studying the needs of the client and the end user, creating an authentic project tailored to create a website suitable to his expectations.

Through various stages of design, ranging from market analysis to the design itself, HS guide the client in a process of growth of its corporate identity, and his website, to get closer to its customers and expand its user base.

A range of skills in the fields of: programming, graphics, design, ergonomics, marketing and information technology can fulfill the requests of the most demanding customers.

The creation and management of corporate or private websites, pages and Facebook, Twitter and Google accounts, Apple and Android applications, as well as the realization of video-photo services ad hoc, event management, database and e-commerce, are just some of the possible services that Humana Skala can do.

The realization and the management are furnished in every detail, also for smaller projects, with deadlines and targets, regulated by contracts that define their characteristics. Each job is unique, defined as the product “total custom”, built and operated side by side with the customer from the first ideas. No prepackaged products are presented, but it is an established customer participation relationship, stimulated to provide all the insights and information necessary to achieve the expected result, because he is itself is the first user of the project.

Creating a website is like building a house, there is no standard: we work with CSS3, WordPress, HTML5, PHP, and servers. These tools, if used well and checking the SEO (Search Engine Optimization), that is all the factors that influence the positioning of a site, are elements that make a site work well and turn it into a fundamental sales channel.

Our web services


  • Business websites
  • Tourist portals
  • Dynamic sites
  • Webapp
  • Site management training


  • Site and competitors analysis
  • Structure and content optimization
  • Definition of the strategy
  • Sponsored placement campaigns
  • Indexing errors correction


  • Personalization of social networks profiles
  • Management of company social profiles
  • Channel soptimization
  • Create custom social apps
  • Social media marketing campaigns