Tourist real estate

Tourist real estate is a constantly evolving sector, which encompasses a huge variety of areas. Our consulting part aims to focus on the client’s objectives and choose the best strategy to achieve them. There are different subjects, public and private, with whom to deal with for the development of a tourism project.

Our process involves many scenarios based on the country and type of investment, but requires knowledge of some factors that are almost common to each project:

  • The laws and restrictions in force in the area
  • Geographical and climatic/environmental factors
  • Public bodies and private entities to be involved
  • Analysis of risks, advantages and possible competitors/partners
  • Acquiring funds and drawing up a financial plan
  • The production of high-quality graphic and multimedia material
  • A communication and sales strategy

Our advice consists in dealing with these topics, as we can offer useful information or provide these services directly to the customer.

In parallel with consulting, we can offer multiple design and marketing services, to design, promote and present the client’s ideas, to show the project to any partners, public bodies or potential customers. As a rule, we can summarize the development of a tourism project in 3 ways:

In the first case, the customer does not yet have sufficient funds to develop their own project independently and/or does not have all the elements to carry it out.

In the second case, the customer already has the funds to carry out his own project independently but does not know some legal, fiscal, bureaucratic details related to the place of investment.

In the third case, the client already has the funds and is familiar with the rules/laws of the place where he has decided to invest but is looking for a manager or clients to buy or rent his products.

1 – Comprehensive advice

Our study focuses on the territorial analysis and the elements that the client lacks, in addition to the creation of material for the procurement of funds. We also have a structured network for the search for commercial partners, banks and investment funds. In this case, the services we can offer:

  • Territorial analysis/surveys
  • Architectural design
  • Render and video-render
  • Project presentation on brochure/website
  • Dossier and due diligence
  • Dialogue with Institutions
  • Business Plan and Financial Plan
  • Search for funds and business partners

2 – Specific advice

The support aims to obtain the information necessary for the viability of the project, comparing the different possibilities, in order to facilitate the final decision of the customer. We are able to be quick in this process thanks to a long experience of dialogue with public institutions of various countries. Some services we can offer:

  • Legal/tax advice
  • Contracts
  • Comparative analysis
  • Render and video-render
  • Project presentation on brochure/website
  • Dialogue with Institutions
  • Authorizations and permitting
  • Search for local partners

3 – Commercial advice

We focus on promoting the project to find a manager and / or to create a brand and a marketing strategy, in order to sell the property or individual units. We can also follow the management of sales on site, as well as create the appropriate sales channels for the size of the project. Some of the services we can offer:

  • Project presentation on brochure/website
  • Custom branding and graphics
  • Social Media Management
  • Site of sale and/or rental of units
  • Promotional videos
  • Search for business partners
  • Participation in dedicated fairs
  • Promotional events organization

Some situations include a combination of several factors, there is no standard process to develop a project, therefore Humana Skala specializes in simplifying and facilitating the steps necessary to complete the client’s objectives.